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Chatong Thai

Get into a noodle soup  while sitting on a small chair and see yourself in  the street of Bangkok, Thailand. Street food is a melting pot of culture. It brings people together, it celebrates history and is probably the best food in the world.

Noodle Soup

Noodles are a popular street food item as theyare mainly eaten as a single dish. Noodle dishes include pad thai, flat noodle with beef, pork, chicken or seafood and vegetable.

Tom yum noodle soup is a clssic thai dish, it's a spicy and sour noodle soup that is avalible on every corner of Thailand.

The Story of Chatong Thai

A hole in the wall as we call it. The place was started 12 years ago by Ken and his wife Nuch with the concept regular thaiwok. In the end of 2021 the restaurant was completely renovated by Tai which also started up together with Ken and Nuch thai street food concept. A new chapter for this hole in the wall restaurant has started with a brilliant speed, as thai customers have found their way here and flow in daily uninterrupted. On the menu you will find the best street food dishes from the street of Bangkok, Thailand.